We build the future. Leading the way in mass timber construction.
30 Years of mass timber
100 Modules per week
craftsman skills

We are shaping the future of urban construction.

With our many years of expertise in mass timber, our Swiss craftsmanship and a revolutionary construction process, we transform the way buildings are built.

We deliver sustainable, high-quality housing units at affordable prices in half the construction time.

Population growth

The american population is growing and more and more people are moving into urban areas. As the need for single family homes is descreasing, the demand for multi family homes is rising rapidly.

Within the next 30 years, there is a demand of urban bulidings for 70 million people in the US.
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Urban Rural Population

Urban and rural population

United States of America
(source information:

Productivity improvment over time (source information:

Construction productivity

While other sectors have significantly increased their productivity, the construction industry has even suffered a loss of productivity.

To increase productivity in the construction industry, a new production approach using the latest technologies is needed.
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CO2 emission

As buildings genereate nearly 40% of the annual global CO2 emmissions, they contribute highly to climate change.

Therefore buildings need to be built with enviromental friendly materials and must be highly energy efficient.
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28% Buildings Operations
11% Building Materials & Construction
32% Industry
23% Transportation
6% Other

Global CO2 emissions by sector

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Our approach

Modular is
leading the way


Sustainable Material

Wood is a fascinating material. It is widespread all over the world, renewable and its use and disposal is climate-neutral. Moreover, one tonne of wood stores around 1.4 tonnes of CO2.

CO2 neutral

High-performance product

Wood can be processed into high-performance mass timber products as glue laminated timber or cross laminated timber. These products are light weight, strong, durable and fire resistant. Moreover they are isolating and cozy.

light weight
fire resistant

Prefabricated modules

Standardized, modular components are produced in off-site production facilities. The controlled, high-tech process environment ensures process efficiency and product quality.

modular approach
off-site prefabrication

Industrialized mass production

The modules are brought to the construction site and assembled within a short construction time. We are capable to deliver up to 100 residential modules per week.

high volume
efficienct process
short construction time

Product quality and customer value

The fully controlled processes lead to highest building quality (durability, sound proofing, residential health, energy efficiency, etc.), low construction cost and short construction time.

high building quality
half the construction time
unbeatable customer promise
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